The Continuing Adventures of
Sterling Lady and Crew
After thousands of locks, dams and docks, the fenders take a pretty good beating.

The Simple solution is....
Have Linda of Pete and Linda on the MV "Where's Linda" sew you up some new Black Fender covers.
What  a  difference!!.
The Blimp did a fly by while we were headed thru Ft. Lauderdale.
Once again, we were passed, as we are nearly every May, By the Coastal Queen , on her yearly trek back north.
What a pristine, beautiful vessel.
We use Active Captain alot while cruising, and have been reading the rave review of Old Port Cove marina in North West Palm beach, so we decided to give it a try
It has a 4 star plus rating, and I have to admit, they deserve it!
Excellent facility, friendly staff, very reasonable prices, lots of extras.
If you get up this way , give Old Port Cove marina a try.
The Floating docks are new, with 50 amp good power, and pump out at each finger. Nice.
It's  not unusual to pass huge mega yachts on this narrow streatch of the ICW.

Who the HeXX are these people? Is that really boating, or just paying big bucks to own a big boat??

And experimental boats too!
After about 7 days, give or take a bar or two, we arrive at the Deck and Harbor Inn, in Stuart Fl. which will serve as a summer home for the Sterling Lady for a month or two.

The Sterling Lady is located under the         On the picture

Come on by for a sunset drink!
BTW< lots of Moon Jellys here, LOTS!
After one day ashore, it was time for a another boat trip.
This time , a weekend jaunt up 3 plus hours to Ft. Pierce City Marina.
It ain't the loop, but then it ain't sittin at home either.
As it happened, there was a lot going on (besides the 3 bars no waiting) this weekend at the City Marina.
So many places, so little time..
Manatee Museum.
The state BBQ championships were going on.
These guys take this really serious!
Real serious!!
The monthly Flea and Farmers Market was going on also.
The Fort Pierce City Marina is building wave barriers out front, and replacing with floating docks the part of the marina out front that blew away is a hurricane a few years back.
(for once our taxes are going to something I can actually use).
The two Tiki Bars at the Marina are nice BUT you gotta walk off the property less than a block to the 2nd Street Bristo, and order the Crab and Macaroni dish, wow, excellent, especially during Happy hours.
Since it was mothers day, on the way home back to the Deck in Stuart, we stopped at Shrimpers for a mommy's day lunch.
The next morning at the deck Marina , I replaced the broke aft deck faucet with a Home Depot $19 faucet. Works great.
If you have one of these round sinks on you aft deck, DO NOT PUT ANYTHING FLAMABLE IN THEM, the act like a magnifying glass if they are exposed to the sun.
We have on two occasions caught a rag on fire!!
Here in Key Largo, our Dennys has a full licquor bar, does yours??
And another one for the strange only in the Keys sign Department.
"Return Beer Here"
Since we had SUCH a Good time at Ft. Pierce City Marina last weekend, since Jenny and Mike wanted to do a boat trip, and Since it's only 3 hours north, we once again went up to the Marina for an overnite.
We again went to the 2nd Street Bristo , because we had to get another...
An man was it worth it!!!
The 2nd Street Bristo is less than a block west of the marina. and neatly decorated.
This is some of the sighs hanging in the bar, see which ones you remember.
Should you come buy the Lady at nite, here she is in Party mode.

If you do come by for happy Hourz, we do recomend
you bring your own personal


Great for those times you acidently spill your drink, etc.
And of course, when we got back to Stuart , at the Roosevelt Bridge, the traffic was herendous, it was a holiday weekend, every idiot was out.
Well it's that time again, Hurricane season has arrived.
This year we are storing the Big Lady, at Indian Town Marina, on the hard for Hurricane season. That's the bad news.

But the good news is the trailerable Bayliner Discovery 246 is finally ready to cruise. I did the last "improvement" last week, so the cruising will continue, only on a much smaller boat.
The Lady is Blocked, new shafts are on order, a bottom job is due, all before December 1, splash time.
And here she is, all hooked up, and ready to go.
Next adventure, Monday am.
Stay tuned!
The Boat was full of fuel, full of water, and stocked with supplies which of course, makes it QUITE HEAVY!
So we launched about a block away at a local park, at a ramp made for small vessels, not us.
It worked ok, as we where launching, not loading.
Being our first "virgin" trip on this boat, a  lot is to be learned.
Lesson # 1. At 27 MPH you can travel a heck of a lot farther in two hours than at 7 mph.
Our 60 mile trip with one lock, to Roland Martins Marina in Clewiston on  Lake Okeechobee, took about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Over the years I have learned when staying at Roland Martins marina, always dock at far from the tiki bar as possible.
The sleeping is much better that way, less noise.
With an early morning start, while on the Lake O rim
we had to negotiate this construction site NARROW channel.
Even with our little 8.5 ft. beam, I would not want to pass another boat thru there.
I love the cypress trees growing along this part of the rim of Lake O.
Lake Okeechobee was very kind to us today, Glass smooth
The Port Mayaca Lock gates open up to .......>>>
I would bet I have the Platinum loopers flag flying on the smallest boat.
Stoped at Legacy Marina for the nite, close to Publix and Downtown .
Because we are on the Faster Bayliner 246, we are going to places we haven't been on the trawler.
Today we stay at Fishermans Villages, Punta Gorda. Fixed docks, free loaner bikes.a bit pricey, but close to a shopping mall and Punta Gorda.